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Feedback for our sites

  • How do I leave feedback regarding the Forums?
  • If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for any of the forums in the Developer Shed Network of sites, please address them to Mark Roberts via e-mail:
  • How do I leave feedback on Articles?
  • We try to have articles and discussions covering all areas of technology, but we are human and as such, are always looking for ways to improve our content. If you have any suggestions or recommendations concerning our articles and content - ways we can improve, topics you would like to see covered, etc - please let us know!

    There are several ways you can leave us feedback. For starters, inside each article you can find a "Comment" section. This is typically used for leaving feedback or questions for the author.

    In addition, each article on our site gets its own thread in our forums. If you want to join in on a community discussion regarding a particular tutorial, you can find a link to do so in the respective article.

    Finally, if you wish to reach out directly to our editorial team, you can shoot general inquiries to

    To reach the Editor-in-Chief or Community Manager directly, send an e-mail to Mark Roberts: