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The Developer Shed Network is now offering you the chance to enhance your site using Developer Shed’s DevText feature. DevText allows you to feature Developer Shed’s content from your website – for free!

What DevText Can Do for Your Website

Developer Shed is offering the DevText feature to website owners who want to enhance their content. Finding enough content for a website and updating it constantly can make your website’s traffic grow and visitors return regularly. With DevText, you can use our content for free!

Developer Shed’s sites offer some of the best development content on the net for topics ranging from open source development to search engine optimization. DevText gives you a chance to make this valuable and topical content appear on your site.

What’s best is that DevText is fully automated. You don’t even need to update it. Each day, it effortlessly brings your visitors our newest industry-leading articles.

The DevText Articles feature our latest publications from professional authors. DevText Forums feature the very latest topics of interest in our forums, updated hourly.

Using DevText

To put the content on your site, see the samples below. Find the site which has the content you want, then simply click in the text box next to it. When the code highlights, copy the code and paste it into your site's code.

To help you predict where and how it will fit in your site's layout, here are a few details. The DevText Articles table of content has a width of 170 pixels. The DevText Forums content table has a width of 190 pixels.

Below you can find DevText Articles content and Forums content, please make your selection:

DevText Articles DevText Forums